Dr. Michael Bock

Associated Partner

Michael Bock has more than 30 years experience in the Healthcare Industry in various positions and levels along the life cycle of products. He was leading supply networks of up to 20 manufacturing sites and 20 contract manufacturers in OTC Latin & North America for Bayer and in Pharmaceuticals for Schering. Additionally, Michael managed several M&A projects within his area of responsibility (acquisitions, divestures). As Head of Strategic Procurement at Bayer Healthcare, Michael accounted for significant cost savings in contract manufacturing and packaging materials and implemented a make-or-buy guideline. Other positions were R&D project manager for diagnostic imaging agents, medical devices or CMC development, leading intercultural and crossfunctional teams, and Quality Manager for 10 years in different functions.

Since 2016 Michael is supporting startups and midsize companies as well as coaching individual Senior managers in the Healthcare Industry.

Michael by education is an organic chemist. His major expertise is in managing cross- cultural/functional teams in PS and R&D, especially in Asia and Latin America, project management, M&A and divesture projects, strategic procurement and supplier relationship management.

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