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All our partners have a longstanding track record in the healthcare industry comprising pharmaceuticals, radiopharmaceuticals, veterinary, medical technology, and consumer care including food supplements and cosmetics. Based on this broad range of experience, our partners have expertise in General Management, M&A Transaction Services, all aspects of Pharmaceutical Operations including end-to-end Supply Chain Management, Quality Management, Research & Development, Business Development and Pipeline Management.

Our partners can look back to 15 to 35 years of experience offering international and multicultural background. They work individually or as a team depending on project size and complexity. Due to their management experience as proven leaders they provide capabilities in design, set-up and successful execution of projects. If appropriate, we work together with specialized consultants from our network.


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Fidelio Healthcare Partners is a company offering global consulting services for the healthcare and life science industry located in Seefeld, Germany.
Fidelio Healthcare Partners

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