Heiner Hoppmann

Founding Partner

Heiner Hoppmann was founder and CEO of the Aenova Group until 2015. He has more than 30 years of industry experience in senior and top management positions at Hoechst, Schering, Ratiopharm, Siegfried and Aenova. Under his leadership, Aenova grew from a mid-sized CMO to Europe’s leading CDMO within seven years, making it the global number 3 in the CDMO industry. His broad expertise covers all areas of the pharmaceutical value chain, from strategy and corporate development (including M&A and finance) to business development and operations (including R&D, supply chain management, sourcing and manufacturing). Heiner is a pharmacist by training.

Since founding Fidelio Healthcare Partners, he has supported a significant number of transactions as senior advisor and consultant for various investment funds, and has been working closely with a series of mid-sized pharma companies on strategic transformation projects.

Fidelio Healthcare Partners

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