Supply Chain and Operations Consulting

We can create value in optimizing your entire supply chain at different levels. Based on our longstanding experience in project design and execution, our expertise covers a broad range from strategic projects at global scale up to site or department specific enhancement programs:

  • Geographic expansion and go to market strategies
  • Operating and organizational strategies including manufacturing network/foot print optimization
  • Technology and product portfolio analysis and planning
  • Implementation of Lean management and process orientation and -optimization in manufacturing
  • Establishing production management tools, reporting structures, KPIs
  • Analysis of competitiveness and optimization of cost structure
  • End-to-end supply chain efficiency & sustainability including inventory streamlining and throughput time reduction
  • Footprint Set-up, manufacturing network optimization, supplier network optimization, make-or-buy decisions
  • Product & technology transfer
  • General Project and CAPEX management
  • Strategic Procurement projects
Fidelio Healthcare Partners

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